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Seduction MMA begins with mythbusting and correcting some commonly held, but misinformed beliefs.It sets realistic expectations, and takes you down a peg if you you have an ego, and builds you up if you have low self-esteem.You are soley responsible for any use of the ideas, concepts, and content and will hold David De Angelo harmless.

He encourages you to use what works for you and, if you already use another method, you will not have to dump it to re-learn something new as his stuff will merge with your current skills and supercharge them.The content of this archive is reproduced here with permission from David De Angelo.Visual enhancements and search features have been added by the webmaster to facilitate the reading and researching of the content.He gives you missions that build your skills in a step-by-step way.Some of the missions were really fun and challenging so I think newbies will enjoy the learning process. Bottom line: I'd recommend it to everyone willing to improve their game.

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