Unmoderated web cams

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If you do this, ask them to confirm everything went OK.

I’ve had observers from Edinburgh, London, Budapest, Barcelona and Singapore all watching the session online at the same time. People have a tendency to accidentally unmute themselves at times.

In this post I’m going to talk you through the various setups I use with Zoom to run and record my in-person and remote user research sessions on both desktop and mobile. In this scenario it’s you and the participant in a room together.

I’m going to assume you understand the protocols for running a user research session responsibly, so I can keep this as concise as possible. You just want to record the conversation and your own desktop screen (we’ll cover mobile devices and observation later).

I’m not comfortable having a bunch of people on the call when it’s remote. I’ll add a meeting room where people can go to observe, just like an in-person session and explain to the participant what’s going on.

In this setup you are with the participant but instead of testing on a desktop machine, you are testing on a mobile device.

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