Updating a psp

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after obtaining some mobile device funding and reading that psp owners were able to run emulators from various consoles and handhelds, surf the internet via wipeout pure, and watch movies off the memory stick, i went to and picked one up from a local seller at a good price.

one specific detail that i had the seller check first was the firmware version on the device.

Back up your save files (so that if they get corrupted, you still have backups) How to install 5.50 GEN-A CFW on your PSP: Extract the 5.50 GEN-A files to your computer. (Yes, just drag the whole folder there) Run 5.50 UPDATE from under Game on your PSP's XMB After THIS process is complete, press X.

along with many others, i was pretty excited when the sony psp was announced, but at the time of its release i did not purchase it because i didn't have the funds available and wanted to see what this baby could really do besides games.

-09/2015The PSP should always have a current email address for the Pension Plan Administrator, Pension Plan Administrators receive important email notifications when certain events occur (e.g., a required filing is submitted, a delegation request is accepted).

the ability to extract the files from your umd and put two or three games on a memory stick to save power and eliminate the need to carry around multiple umds is very cool.

i am not sure what the legal issues are with extracting the iso from a umd you own and using it on your own device, but i treat it as i do with dvds that i own and then rip to a portable device format that i play on my memory stick.

it looks like the question of whether or not to update to firmware 2.0 comes down to a decision of whether to play emulator games and full games stored on the memory stick and use various hacks to optimize the psp, or go with the update and get all the functionality designed for the psp and lose the ability to play emulated games.

for now, i am sticking with 1.5 until i get tired of donkey kong country.

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