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What I can't pinpoint is the why the profiledoesn't update. Is it possible that the wireless driver doesn't inintialise untilafter the user has logged on, and so by the time the device has an IPaddress, a cached profile has already been loaded?I think the old profile returns when the tablet is used. -- Adam T"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does notprove anything." - Nietzsche List info : FAQ : List archive: are notorious for not completely unloading at logoff (i.e. As a result, the profile is unable to copyup to the central server and therefore the server version doesn't getupdated.The tablet PC is wireless too, which they take home. If that is the problem here, then you can get a hold of the User Profile Hive Cleanup service on the MS download site, and install it on the Tablet PC if you think that is the issue.

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Then, going back to the first machine would of courseresult in the icons not being there.Roaming is divided into "SIM-based roaming" and "username/password-based roaming", whereby the technical term "roaming" also encompasses roaming between networks of different network standards, e.g. Device equipment and functionality, such as SIM card capability, antenna and network interfaces, and power management, determine the access possibilities.Although these user/network scenarios focus on roaming from GSM network operator's networks, clearly roaming can be bi-directional, i.e. Traditional roaming in networks of the same standard, e.g.Also,keep in mind that user profiles don't get written up to the roamingprofile until a user logs off.So if a user stays logged onto a machine where they deleted those icons,and then went to another machine without logging off of the first, andmade some changes, then logged off--that second machine would write upthe profile with the icons intact.

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