Updating bdp s350

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If we were being cynical, we might accuse Sony of making the decision on purpose given that its own USB keys are the perfect size for it.

For digital audio, there's both an optical and a coaxial output.

The blue and black finish make it look unlike any DVD players you might have, and the Blu-ray logo sits in bold on the front of the machine. The navigation controls fit well with the on-screen menu system, making for a complete and enjoyable user experience. That's fine for people who have HDMI sockets on their AV receivers, but, if you don't, you're going to be stuck with down-mixed audio from the coaxial or optical digital outputs.

None of Sony's competitors have been foolish enough to leave out these important formats, either.

Because it's a large company, each division operates in quite a separate environment.

Very few players get under the symbolic barrier of one minute, and only the Play Station 3 is truly impressive, at just 35 seconds.

The quality really is High Definition, with images that are as good as the competition from Samsung and Panasonic.

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