Updating child records ado

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In the next section we will take a closer look at ADO's batch updates, what they can offer you, and why they are so important.

When I select one record in the master table I copy all the fields from that table for the other. Add('Where numeracao LIKE ''%' NInterv.text);// locate record selected in Table1 NInterv.text) Open; // iniciate copy of record´s begin while not table ADoquery.

No error occurs, because the update has been applied successfully.

ADO, compared to the BDE, has taken a more practical approach to the problem.

For example, should the insert of a row into the previous join result in a new product and also a new supplier, or just a new product?

The Client Data Set/Provider architecture allows you to specify a primary update table (and advanced features actually not covered in the book) and also customize the updates' SQL, as we partially saw in Chapter 14 and we'll further explore in Chapter 16, "Multitier Data Snap Applications." ADO supports an equivalent to cached updates called batch updates, which are similar to the BDE approach.

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