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Looking at server configuration, the My SQL server had to restart itself 11 times during this time period.

Won't be done for a long time Hello everyone, it's already January 2nd for me, so I figure I might as well get the preparations started.

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Messages have also been at the 3.0 skin for a while.So I thought that’s good but you do let look forward to the CP post because you know if you have been complimented.I propose proposing compliments on a way no-one else can see apart from the organizer(s). Proposed new method: There are pros and cons to this...I don't think there's much room for debate on the necessity of the limit, but what can be bargained is the limit itself - how many topics do you think is too many? Nonetheless, I would love to see more data on this and interview some people on their experiences regarding this to see if it does have a negative impact.I think that a limit of 4-5 is a great idea I still remember when I started the messages really confused me. Not done, as blocks are still unfinished or broken Today I started to finish up the script for How to Evaluate an Expression, and things got out of hand.

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