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By convention, configuration and script files use the extension .cfg, but they are simply basic text documents and are created/opened with Notepad as such.

One thing to be aware of however is Notepad may save the files as txt, and similar can happen if you try to rename files to a extension and Windows is set to 'hide known file types' in folder options. You can call the cfg file whatever you want, and load it with the command "exec filename.cfg" (the is optional, as ET will assume a extension).

When using the console, everything should be prepended with "/" for whatever reason.

Otherwise it will send what you type in global chat - not good if you're setting passwords.

/- commands are intended to be toggled on and off by pressing and releasing a key or button.

-commands arent commonly used outside of complex scripts.

The MODE column: this is a general category applied on the basis of assumed usage.

Server commands therefore are generally used when configuring a server, but most will also work with clients using RCON.

Commands with a or - will almost certainly be only used normally for a keybind, for exmaple bind x " attack".If you didn't want to allow complaints for any of these types of TK, you would set it to 7."Toggle", "cycle" and " vstr" are a bit special, and are useful for keybinds and scripting.For example: g_disable Complaints is a bitflag variable for disabling complaints for specified types of teamkills: 1=mines, 2=airstrike/ffe, 4=mortar.If you wanted to disable complaints on your server for teamkills due to mines or mortar, you would set g_disable Complaints to 5.

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