Updating from office 2016 are chelsea and chuy dating

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Not only do you get access to the latest patches, but you can also decide which license you prefer.Usually, Microsoft leaves the two latest upgrades in your software portal for you to download at your discretion.There are a couple ways to upgrade Office 2013 to 2016.The first option depends on the permissions set up on your end users’ workstations.With the release of Office 2016 just over a year ago, you might be considering whether it’s time to upgrade Office 2013 to 2016.In this article, I’ll discuss new features in Office 2016 and key considerations to make before upgrading to help you determine whether moving is worthwhile.Typically, you would download the Office installation to a network share location and configure the configuration file to point to the source.

If so, the Office 2016 Deployment Tool is the way to go.Microsoft fully supports Office 2013 at the time of this writing. Here are highlights of some new features in Office 2016.(Mac users: Office 2016 for PC & Mac is available, but Mac has some limitations, so be sure to check the features available with Office 2016 for Mac.) Beyond the decision to upgrade Office 2013 to 2016, you also need guidance on the logistics to do it.If you delete the mail profiles, mail items will still sync in Outlook, but items such as autocomplete won’t work in the new profile.The local autocomplete cache is stored with the user’s Outlook profile, so be careful not to delete any existing mail profiles.

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