Updating multiple columns in sql

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Edit: Specify only the column name you want to update, do not mention the table.UPDATE [table] SET DATA="FOO" WHERE ID=23; UPDATE [table] SET DATA="ASD" WHERE ID=47; UPDATE [table] SET DATA="FGH" WHERE ID=83; UPDATE [table] SET DATA="JKL" WHERE ID=88; UPDATE [table] SET DATA="QWE" WHERE ID=92; UPDATE [table] SET DATA="BAR" WHERE ID=97; clause allows to specify a derived table using a table value constructor (See example under point D on that page).UPDATE Statement Creates an update query that changes values in fields in a specified table based on specified criteria.Syntax UPDATE table SET newvalue WHERE criteria; The UPDATE statement has these parts: Part Description table The name of the table containing the data you want to modify.I know it's an old question, but I just had to find solution for multiple rows update where multiple records had to updated with different values based on their IDs and I found that I can use a a scalar-subselect: (with WHERE optional, of course) Also, I found that it is critical to specify that no NULL values would not be used in this update (in case not all records in first table have corresponding record in the second one), this way: UPDATE TARGET_TABLE T SET (T. KEY2) WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM SOURCE_TABLE S WHERE T.

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If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be updated!See Adrian thread on this is you're still confused.Quotes (') and Double-Quotes (") - Where and When to use them Mary Assuming Owner is a text field you will need the single quotes.Only records that satisfy the expression are updated.But there is error message saying 'Object doesn't support this property or method " Any idea why????

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