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You can still use the Word Press content editor to alter the appearance of events while using template tags, although you should avoid to make this too complex.However, the markup of the default calendar changed since version 2.4.0.Then you can decide which calendars this calendar should be made of. You will be able to do much more fine tuning in a more clear way and also reuse the same calendar id in widgets or by attaching a calendar to content.Like the shortcode, the calendar widget has been much simplified.If you pass other arguments these won’t do anything.

Create a new calendar and select Grouped Calendars as the Event Source.

Google Calendar is the default event source but the plugin can now use add-ons to extend this functionality and support more event source types.

Likewise, calendars can have different outputs and the calendar you’re already familiar with is the Default Calendar. Also, note the shortcode will only use one argument, the id.

Mobile menu is optional, so once you set up the Main menu it will be also used on mobile unless you specify a different one for mobile menu.

To assign a menu firstly create one in Appearance Note: Only pages will be shown in the dropdown list: posts, portfolio items and products do not qualify for homepage item.

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