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Lucky for us, we have kept track of our database schema using node-db-migrate.Making a change is simple: The user table should now reflect the latest version of our database.This is also helpful when configuring our migrations for various database instances with different configurations, which will be seen in a future article.The configuration properties are pretty self-explanatory. The only one worth mentioning is the configuration file used by the node-db-migrate framework.This article explored some of the problems developers face when using a relational database such as My SQL.These problems can be solved through simple database migration scripts, managed in this case by the node-db-migrate framework.Many projects make use of a No SQL database to satisfy the persistence layer component.Developers of a No SQL database do not need to worry too much about data model changes effecting the application as long as the logic supports the new data definition.

Private Sub Update_Program(item As Programme) 'Set Command School Types.

According to the node-db-migrate documentation the framework will use the object named “dev” or “development” by default.

This can be over written or passed in when running our migrations.

Lets create a new table using our migration script.

The documentation outlines all of the available SQL manipulation functions.

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