Validating textbox in javascript

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set validation group property for all validators, summary and button.

when you click the button , it will validate all validators from its validation group and display the message.

You can check out a demo below: See the Pen Instant Form Validation by Site Point (@Site Point) on Code Pen.

Once that scripting is implemented, we’re actually only a couple of skips and hops away from a complete polyfill.

Now that we have the static code, we can add the scripting.Also, there's a large variety of j Query validation plugins that would helpful. For legacy browsers that don’t implement these attributes, we can use their values as the basis of a polyfill.Figure 1: Above figure is output of validation of empty field In above script, function Empty will check that the HTML input that is being send to the server has something in it.This is done with the help of built in properties of Java Script strings; take the value of input textbox trim it and then check for empty string. In series of validation scheme there are various kind of validation scheme, Let’s some more different kind of validations.

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