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The reason I’m a success as an entrepreneur, and why many other entrepreneurs are a success is simply because we do it. But talking about it is where it starts, and because when you start talking about it with other people, you continue to drive the motivation.

You continue to build momentum, and you continue to get excited on a much better and much more refined idea.

If you’re creating a course, perhaps you dedicate time to creating the first module – and that’s it.

Share it with power users in your audience and ask to record their voices as they walk through it with you. If you don’t have an audience, you can pay a few people to go through it and give their first impression.

A few people even told me they would buy a book if I had one. (Actually, yes you can – but more on that later in this post).

Other times, however, the signs are not so clear, but they are there.

In this post, we’re going to explore 6 ways to help you make sure that what you’re thinking of selling will sell.

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If you do validate your idea, then you’ve given yourself a much higher chance of succeeding with that product.

They use a food truck to validate their restaurant idea, test their menu and build a brand following before paying a lot more money to start an actual restaurant. Instead of going all out with the full creation of a product, you can create a “mini version” of that product and see what the response is like.

It may not be 100% fully functional, but you’ll get honest feedback on a version people can sort of use, instead of just the idea of that thing. A great example that comes to mind can be heard on Episode #13 of Startup, one of my favorite podcasts.

Entrepreneurs, however, know that competition is a good thing—especially if you find a product like yours before you spend time and money to create it. Because someone else has already spent the time and money to validate that idea for you!

Plus, you have an advantage coming in later – not only knowing that there’s a market for that product – but also knowing what can be done better.

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