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Execute Non Query() End With Catch ex As Exception Msg Box(ex.

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Your Data Adapter takes 4 arguments because you have 4 fields also because it is an Insert command if it were Update command it would have taken 8 parameters 4 for the modified value and 4 original value So Now if you want to use a class to do the above operation, you need to pass appropraiate parameters to the class so that it is passed to the stored procedure. But this being vb.net, isn't the CMDInsert Blocks object will automatically be called, courtsy the following thing defined in class. Insert Command = CMDInsert Blocks Help and more clarification sought Thanks First thing don't confuse your Classes like objblocks with VB. The run time error(though it was general kind of error, not specific) is gone after i did e. Skip Current Row and whole thing is running smoothly. I notice that that i need not give these statements DABlocks. and what do you mean by "One thing That I notice here is in Your Row Updating event Handler since you are using Explicit queries I think You'll need to cancel the implicit one." How this is done. if you want to see for your self you can use Data Versions, there are versions like current, proposed etc. Is it true YES this is TRUE, that's what I told you earlier Data Adapter is smart it automatically creates Insert Command, Update Command, Delete Command given just the Select Command. I am able to insert, modify,delete from the table using my functions and stored procedures . Delete Command = CMDDelete Blocks still the relevant command objects run. Row Updated, Address Of Row Updated Fetch Blocks() End Sub 4. Without your guidance i would not have got an insight to the working of Only If there are any changes from the initial values it calls the Row Updating. DAOneblock is the Oledb Data Adaptor(defined in class) whose update method I will call when some button is clicked.. Current) so that the stored procedure compares the old value with existing data in Database finds the particular row and then assigns the new value and stores it. Row Updating where objblocks is the object of the class.

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