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They each will be called in order from the parent classes down to the child, and thus should not themselves call the parent's method.

Typically this is used for object validation or possibly logging.

But note that we don't provide Mouse metaclasses or metaroles so the other way around doesn't work.

This feature exists for Any:: Moose users porting to Moo; enabling Mouse users to use Moo classes is not a priority for us.

They should be used rather than trying to modify into a hash reference of attribute values.

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You can override this method in your class to handle other types of options passed to the constructor.

Unlike Mouse this module does not aim at full compatibility with Moose's surface syntax, preferring instead to provide full interoperability via the metaclass inflation capabilities described in "MOO AND MOOSE".

For a full list of the minor differences between Moose and Moo's surface syntax, see "INCOMPATIBILITIES WITH MOOSE".

itself is a no-op, since we generate metaclasses that are already immutable, and users converting from Moose had an unfortunate tendency to accidentally load Moose by calling it.

There are several methods that you can define in your class to control construction and destruction of objects.

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