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I reported him to the site and they said they already had him under suspicion and my reported confirmed it. Hi, yeah, well done, it´s a Nigerian scammer in Malaysia again I think He wanted to pull an overpayment fake check scam: it would have brought him (the anonymous Nigerian scammer) 3000 and to you (whose name and details your bank has), the bank would have accused you for attempted check fraud Email leads to no hits and the yahoo avatar was posted here long time ago. I reported this incident to my local police and they said they were unable to do anything to try and find these people. 8&p=271158" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; tagged.com/profile.html? uid=5980691466 Steve Marlin W 47, New York, NY Tagline: looking for a God fearing woman to have as my partner!!!Hi,i am steve marlin webber ,i am a petroleum engineer.i am 5.7ft tall,romantic and caring.i was going through your profile and i decided to let you know of my interest on you am looking for a soul mate and someone i can love and trust so that we can build our future together.i am simple and an easy going person who is ready to learn and travel to places.

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Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. I'm looking for a serious relationship with someone special who can help make each day special, I have learnt to leave a very careful life and also been honest because i figured life is to short for any kind of [email protected] said he lived in Liverpool, NSW, Australia.Within a week of chatting and exchanging e-mails, he already loved me and wanted to give me the 'world'.About Me: if you want to know me, then you must like me as i am not because of other purpose.I dislike persons who are pretenders and cheaters whom will abuse the goodness and trustfullness of someone like me.

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