When did ronnie and sammi start dating

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Sammi is not stupid: she is human and if what MTV shows us is accurate, she is a victim of abuse.

Interestingly, while MTV decided to air the number for an abuse helpline after the infamous Snooki-gets-punched incident, there's been little explicit attention paid to the abusive nature of Sammi and Ronnie's relationship.

Sammi reads the note, it's very dramatic, she claims this is the last straw, but ultimately Ronnie tells her he loves her and he's sorry (again) and they appear to be back together.

[DISCLAIMER: I'd like to preface this by saying that this post is a discussion on abuse and uses examples from "The Jersey Shore" as well as my own experience. However, it's almost sickeningly addictive and it's become a huge part of pop culture since the first season debuted last year.

I know this is a topic that can be triggering, so this is just a heads-up that if so, you may want to skip this post.] If you're like a lot of America, you've been sucked into "The Jersey Shore." It's terrible. While most of the show's content should be seen as a how-to guide to being a complete douchebag (translation: if you see it on Jersey Shore, you should never do it), there's one part of the show that I've always found super-disturbing: Sammi and Ronnie's relationship. She was extremely moody and short-tempered with Ronnie, who seemed genuinely interested in being faithful to her.

She would fly off the handle and then demand his forgiveness (for example, the "Fred Flinstone toe" incident).

Just like him, she flirted with other people at clubs, even getting some guys' numbers.

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