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Rikke is at the Imperial Camp in The Pale to prepare for taking the hold back from Stormcloak control under Jarl Skald the Elder. "The Legion's work is far from finished, but you are free to roam. " Legate Rikke: "In the absence of the Moot, it would further legitimize her claim." General Tullius: "Perhaps...

To do so, she has the Dragonborn ambush a Stormcloak courier so she can falsify the documents the courier was carrying before having them delivered to the Stormcloak commander in Dawnstar, Frorkmar Banner-Torn. I suspect you'll be of greater good to Skyrim out there, in the world. I'm entrusting you with what resources I can spare.

Rikke then travels to the Imperial Camp in The Rift, with the intent to blackmail Jarl Laila Law-Giver's steward Anuriel to attain knowledge of a Stormcloak convoy full of weapons and gold that she then has the Dragonborn ambush alongside Hadvar and several other Legionnaires. "There are those who still call themselves Stormcloaks, who continue to fight us, and bring misery to the people... The ordinary citizen will be happy to get back to life as normal, to have their families return home. I suspect all of Tamriel will again be called to arms in the not too distant future." What's next for the accomplished Legate Rikke? " Imperial Soldier: "Stormcloaks were already camped out around the entrance when we got here. " (After killing the guards) Legate Rikke: "You two, stay and guard the entrance.

Having captured the convoy, Rikke orders the Dragonborn to assault Fort Greenwall, the main Stormcloak stronghold in The Rift protecting Riften, as it would allow for easier communication with the Imperial City back in Cyrodiil. "The General's put me in charge of assisting the new governments. They don't know we're here yet, though." Legate Rikke: "Well, that's something at least." Legate Rikke: "Listen up, legionnaires. We don't want any Stormcloak reinforcements taking us by surprise.

Sending the Dragonborn to sneak into the fort and free the prisoners, together with Hadvar and several other Legionnaires waiting to attack from outside in a pincer move, Rikke soon learns that the fort has capitulated, placing Winterhold under Imperial control, and replacing Stormcloak commander Kai Wet-Pommel with Legate Sevan Telendas in the capital Winterhold while Jarl Korir is removed from power as well. I realize some of you may know men on the other side. They are the enemy now and will not hesitate to end your lives either. We'll charge in to help as soon as we hear fighting." Imperial Soldier 1: "What in the nine holds is that? Even if these carvings tell us where the crown is, I'm sure we're going to have to find a way through this door.

Having reclaimed most of the Stormcloak-controlled holds, leaving only Eastmarch, which is Ulfric's home territory, Rikke sends troops from the Eastmarch Imperial Camp to take over Fort Amol, the main Stormcloak stronghold before the Legion can launch their attack on Windhelm. General Tullius is counting on us to bring back the Jagged Crown, and that's exactly what we're going to do. " Imperial Soldier 2: "Is this what killed that Stormcloak over there? It looks like it's been dead for a hundred years." Legate Rikke: Steady now. See what you can figure out auxillary, I'm going to check out these carvings over here. " (The Dragur on either side of the one wearing the Jagged Crown rise to defend it) Hadvar: "By the nine! If you don't mind, we'll just take that crown of yours and be on our way." (The Draugr rises and draws its weapon, indicating it isn't handing over the Jagged Crown without a fight) Legate Rikke: "Have it your way. " (After killing the draugr and gaining the Crown) Legate Rikke: "Alright, get the crown off that draugr! We'll stay here and see if we can find anything else that could be of use." Legate Rikke: "I'm telling you, Ulfric's planning an attack on Whiterun." General Tullius: "He'd be insane to try.

Once done, she directs him to General Tullius to be administered the oath to join the Legion. We follow our hearts." General Tullius: "So what - Ulfric gets this crown and then suddenly he's High King?

" General Tullius: "Tell me again, why I'm wasting men chasing after a fairy tale." Legate Rikke: "If Ulfric gets his hand on that crown, it won't be a fairy tale. When the Moot meets, they'll do the sensible thing." Legate Rikke: "Not everyone's agreed to the Moot.

So tell me, what's the price for a woman's integrity these days? Evidenced by the men and women who fought and died bravely today. May it burn down around you." Maven: "A bit melodramatic, even for you Laila. We will soon begin publicly executing captured men.

She, along with General Tullius, is present at the Imperial attack on Windhelm, and assists the Dragonborn in the final battle with Ulfric Stormcloak and Galmar Stone-Fist. Legend has it that the crown is made from the bones and teeth of ancient dragons, and is said to increase the power of the wearer. "I need you to deliver some false orders to the Stormcloak commander in Dawnstar. In appreciation for your exemplary service, I am doubling your pay and compensation for the widows of your fallen comrades! " Imperial Soldiers: (Cheer) Tullius: "I hate giving speeches." Rikke: "It wasn't so bad." Tullius: "I hope we haven't just created a martyr." Rikke: "There's bound to be resistance.

She also attends the meeting at High Hrothgar when a truce becomes necessary so that the Dragonborn can capture Odahviing and then deal with Alduin once and for all. He fought in the Imperial army in the War against the Dominion. Whatever the truth, if Ulfric get's his hands on it, it would be a powerful symbol around which to rally support for his cause." How do we know the crown is in Korvanjund? Its location was lost with King Borgas, when the Great Hunt killed him while off on his Alessian campaigns. But first we need to get our hands on some rebel orders to make the forgeries. " Imperial Soldiers: (Cheer) Tullius: "I am proud of all of you! There are still Stormcloak camps, tucked away in the hills.

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