Who is bella thorne dating right now china chow dating mark wahlberg

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But many have also started to wonder just how serious things might be between Bella and Tana.One person wrote in an Instagram comment, "OMG IS THIS REAL?!? MY DREAMS R COMING TRUE." Others had similar inquiries.("I want to date Bella Thorne next," were her exact words.) Just a few weeks later (September 25) she posted photos of the two kissing.She combined them with a screen cap of the original tweet, and wrote: "Dreams do come true kids."But that wasn't all for the not-so-subtle hints that the two are dating.long with Zendaya getting paid the same amount Well the girl who plays Ce Ce Jones is Bella Thorne and she is reall pretty and the girl who plays Rocky Blue is Zendaya Coleman but likes to be called just Zendaya since her first name I Soo unique and they are hangin out in L. And shooting the show you mean zendaya from shake it up well i might not be right on with this one but i do now probly bella throne and carline sunshine mabey all of the cast on shake it up but if you want to know the real answer go on at and click on shake it up mabey you can do a fan e-mail!but i know for sure that bella throne is like her best froend…Between 20, Mod Sun worked with Scary Kids Scaring Kids until the band broke up.He later claimed that he took the gig due to the Jim Carrey movie, After Scary Kids Scaring Kids broke up, Mod Sun headed into his brand of rap music, which he calls “hippie hop.” To date, he has released six mixtapes and three studio albums.

It's just possible that the two are keeping it casual for now.On Instagram, Tana posted one of their photos and wrote: "Mineeee." Bella Thorne shortly reposted the photos on Twitter, saying: "Who's shook?" to which Tana replied: "Me cus I miss you baby."Plenty of fans responded back saying that they were indeed shook. in my opinion Bella thorne is not a good actress at all.hey shut up youbella thorne i a great actress people just hate her cause she has red ahir now you listen i have red hair so you are just racist It is too early to tell they are both still kids because right now (2011-2012) Zendaya is about 15 and Bella thorne is only 14. Notwithstanding whatever their present or future orientation is does not mean they will want to share it with the world. Spanish was Bella Thorne's first language but she completely dropped Spanish to fit in cuz she was being bullied so now she only speaks English which is still hard for her because she has dyslexia so now she is trying to learn Spanish again.

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