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The actor at the time linked the accusations to the furor kicked up by the A&E docu-series , in which the actress and fellow ex-Scientologists have slammed the church's practices and treatment of both current and former members.

(The church has repeatedly characterized Remini as a bitter opportunist in response to her stated mission to bring them down.)"Based on reading the anti-Scientology blog that posted this story, these false allegations appear to be motivated to boost Leah Remini's anti-Scientology television series since [the first accuser] only came forward after connecting with Leah Remini," Masterson's rep told E! "The alleged incident occurred in the middle of their six-year relationship, after which she continued to be his longtime girlfriend.

His firing comes amid the ongoing reckoning taking place in Hollywood and beyond that has resulted in an unprecedented number of women coming forward and men stepping down, being suspended or "taking leave," or simply getting fired after being accused of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment and indecency to assault.

At just 13, she became the youngest people to appear on the cover of Italian Vogue.Our deepest gratitude to a perfect transplant team. Most people my age are out doing the things I was doing at 14.And a life owed to a tall drink of water," the actor added, referring to the rather handsome donor in the photo he posted. "Phillips, the daughter of the Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips and his third wife, Geneviève Waïte, has conscientiously chosen privacy since starting a family of her own, knowing all too well just how glaring the spotlight can be and having every reason to be guarded. I'm happy that I got all that out of the way, out of my system, when I was a kid."Her parents, who both battled drug addiction (John Phillips, who died in 2001, had a liver transplant in 1992), divorced in 1985, when Phillips was 5. He took custody of me, he took me to school every single day, made me breakfast, picked me up, made me dinner.Significantly, during their long relationship, she made numerous inconsistent claims that she was previously raped by at least three other famous actors and musicians.When Danny ended the relationship, she continued to pursue him, even making threats to beat up his current wife Bijou Phillips unless she left him."The blog post in question stated that the accuser had told police in a letter that the church had threatened her with the dreaded label of "suppressive person," the precursor to losing "everything and everyone," if she told anyone about Masterson or reported him to police.

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