Who is john travolta dating now

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A French Scientologist minister officiated their wedding in France, but upon returning home to the United States, Travolta and Preston found out that their marriage was not legal.

Shortly after their first wedding, they decided to get married again a few days later on Daytona Beach in Florida. Tragically on January 2, 2009, 16-year-old Jett Travolta, John and Kelly’s youngest son, passed away.

The two are so close, that John is always doing favors for Oprah.

In 2010, Oprah made a huge announcement on the first episode of the final season of her talk show.

"I don't ask anything about what they say or do with each other.

I just respectfully..."Ellen quickly figures out that it's Ella's mom who is in charge of the dating scene. " the daytime talk show host asks Kelly."I know everything," Kelly responds."Well mothers always do," John jokes.

In 1990, both actors were filming separate movies in Vancouver and decided to give the relationship a shot.

Travolta worked with Winfrey for more than a year to plan the trip!26 years ago in 1991, the couple flew to Paris to get married.back in 1976, Travolta fell madly in love with Diana Hyland, who played his mother in the film. A year after they started dating, Hyland was diagnosed with breast cancer.Preston was married once before Travolta to actor Kevin Gage.Even though the couple has a lavish wedding in Hawaii, the marriage only lasted two short years.

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