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there were some tweets between Lauren, Robin Antin and fans and JUST A GUESS but I think Kenny left Ashely FOR Lauren.

Robin Antin introduced Kenny to Lauren but I don't think Kenny would cheat.

So although there are various options for treatment (including both medications and surgery), it may be a tough process to get diagnosed and find a way to manage the disease effectively.

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“Lots of women have pain with intercourse as a symptom, so they don’t want their partner to know that the intercourse is painful and have that impact their relationship,” Dr. And some patients fear that the increased risk for infertility that comes with endometriosis will negatively impact their partner’s view of them.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gabrielle Union The third and final week of the Quarterfinals on the latest season of aired last night.36 acts in total have performed during the quarterfinals, and TONIGHT we find out who makes it to the Semifinals.But if and when you decide you feel comfortable telling your partner, it’s generally most constructive be upfront about your experience.“It’s good to be forthright about how the symptoms affect you, and how they could potentially affect different aspects of your relationship,” Erica Mindes, Ph.

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