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When you’re not competing, how do you like to spend your day? To me it’s just a great thing lifestyle-wise, to spend hours and hours golfing with your friends just talking about life, family, kids, houses… A lot of guys, almost all the guys I [used to] surf on tour with, aren’t on tour any more, except one guy, Taylor Knox.

Kelly Slater has been the poster child for the action sports industry these last three decades.

So I get to catch up with them for maybe a couple of weeks or a couple of months at the most in a year.

I like to play music by myself at home, and I just learn songs that I like or write songs that I hear in my head.

If you travel around with the best thirty or forty surfers in the world, it’s hard to get a wave when you’re just part of that crowd.

If I get to be away from the Tour for four to six months or something and then I see the guys it’s pretty cool.

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