Who is kina grannis dating wisconsin dating and chat

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is a romantic comedy about a man and a woman who agree in high school to marry if they're still single at age 30, then actually begin a relationship after reaching that milestone.

The show's main focus is romance, so expect many plot lines about dating, romance, romantic complications, kissing, and sex.

Her first video, "Message from Your Heart," was entered into Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.

Her progress in the competition was covered in The Orange County Register The contest, which she won, landed her a contract with Interscope Records.

Her You Tube videos have received more than 99 million views and have propelled her to become one of You Tube's most popular personalities.

Grannis planned to work with Interscope Records to produce a new album, but in January 2009, she announced that she was leaving the label to be an independent artist.

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