Who is ryan higa dating

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He previously, dated Tarynn Nago and broke up shortly after.

Ryan Higa holds an estimated net worth of million.

The 28-year-old Ryan Higa is pretty uptight in sharing his personal details to the outer world.

Although thousand of his fans and paparazzi follow him regularly, Higa has managed to keep his personal life below the curtains.

Talking about his personal affairs, Higa was rumored to be dating, Arden Cho, a famous model, and actress. So far, he has amassed a decent income from his career.

However, Higa hasn't revealed his actual salary out in the public.

All together started to make content for the Nigahiga channel and in early 2016, they formed a parody K-Pop group called Boys Generally Asian.

Some of the richest You Tubers as of now are Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Daniel Middleton, etc. He regularly posts funny videos and podcasts, where he also gives updates about his personal life.As of 2019, Higa has been followed by more than 2.5 million people on Instagram, 2.02 million on Twitter, 2.02 million on Facebook, respectively.Similarly, his You Tube channel "nigahiga" has more than 21 million subscribers.Since then he started composing music and started posting the videos of his own creation.Later, his previous videos 'How to be Ninja', 'How to be Emo' and 'How to be Gangster' was back on track in the spring of 2010.

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