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The player who has won the least amount is then eliminated, and the last one standing competes for a £10,000 jackpot (subtitles) (repeat)Bradley Walsh presents as celebrity contestants Toyah Willcox, John Barnes, Germaine Greer and Audley Harrison pit their wits against ruthless quiz genius the Chaser in the hope of winning a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds.They must work as a team and play strategically to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the exit without being caught (subtitles) (repeat)Noel Fielding, Sandi Toksvig and judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood return with the culinary competition, which this year features the added pressure of a 13th contestant.Second World War adventure, a belated sequel to 1961 movie The Guns of Navarone, starring Harrison Ford, Robert Shaw, Edward Fox and Barbara Bach (subtitles) Fact-based Second World War drama about the assassination of leading Nazi Reinhard Heydrich and the subsequent search for the British-trained Czech patriots who killed him.As German forces scoured the countryside, the apparently insignificant village of Lidice came to bear the brunt of their rage.The series gets underway with cake week - during which two of the bakers will be sent home.

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Starring Timothy Bottoms, Martin Shaw, Joss Ackland, Nicola Pagett, Anton Diffring and Anthony Andrews (subtitles) Documentary following one of the planet's longest flights - from London to Sydney - aboard one of the world's biggest planes, the double-decker Airbus A380.

But other times you take a little leap - I always have, I'm a curious person - without knowing the cost.

Now I know what it costs." In January 2017, Colosimo was fined 00 for possessing ice while driving in Melbourne after police found a small amount in a sunglasses case in his car in September 2016.

Alex Jones and Steph Mc Govern are in Milton Keynes to meet the Howarth family - one of the biggest spending families to ever feature on the programme - to help them change their shopping habits in an attempt to save money.

A lack of time management means the family has slid into some bad shopping habits, often buying two or three of the same household items, and having recently renovated their home, the family find themselves with credit card debt.

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