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He sees people playing like monsters on the ground, jumping higher than anyone else, running fast, deciding to try their best.There, he sees Akira Kariya playing rugby, a sport he was once passionate about but gave up due to his physique.(Source: MAL News) As regular high school students Taichi and Rin disappeared in a beam of light.When they came to, the two of them were already in a world of swords and magic.As he was carried along with the flow, he ended up in a Game world!As if that wasn't enough, shockingly, his mother was there as well!Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator focuses on the strongest Level 5 after he protects the cheerful Last Order at the price of much of his power.Recovering at the hospital, Accelerator has led a relatively quiet life until he ends up saving the life of Estelle Rosenthal, a mysterious girl carrying a photo of Last Order.

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Now that his mission was exposed within five seconds of it starting, what will happen with Subaru's "date course" with Emilia?Thus the regular high school students transformed into the strongest cheats...Subaru and friends finally get a moment of peace, and Subaru goes on a certain secret mission that he must not let anyone find out about!His spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of the big business owners, including the Nogi Group chairman, Nogi Hideki.(Source: Manga Helpers) Riku Haruma enters high school without a future in sight.

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