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The word “discipline” comes from the same Latin root as the word “disciple.” It means “education.” To discipline a child is to educate him in good manners and good behavior.” In course of the session, Chuck realized that he had wanted to be a friend to his son and not an authority figure.This was especially frustrating to Emma because she was a stay-at-home mom for Josh and their one year-old daughter.“I don’t want our daughter to be out of control when she hits the terrible twos,” Emma said.“But if we don’t reign Josh in now, that’s what will happen.I gently explained to Chuck that rules and structure were as essential to normal child development as giving a child happy experiences.

It took a while for Johnny boy to openly start dating his present flame Priya Marwah, and Bips is still single.

co-star Josh Hartnett, but she insists that there is nothing serious brewing between them.

Her friends in B-town and her fans have been expressing their concern about her single status for a while now, and the Bong beauty has finally decided to clarify her stance.

And that makes it really difficult for me to say “no” to Josh because I don’t want to be the bad parent all the time.” I looked at Chuck.

My parents divorced when I was thirteen, and I promised myself that I would never do that to a child of mine.

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