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Social Clout: 841 followers URL: Bragging Rights: “Sex and the City” style “The blog that fills you in on everything gay daters need to know! Started by Lewis Campbell, a Pennsylvania-based, self-professed “pro at dating,” Gay Dating Zone was established in 2010 in hopes to assist young gay men in their dating ventures.Plus, Campbell offers “Sex and the City”-style advice columns, so how can you go wrong with that?But if the two parties involved in that sex act consented to it, and enjoyed it, it is very unlikely indeed that any prosecution against them will succeed, unless they have done it in a public place where there are other witnesses. And no sane person makes love with his/her partner in public! But Criminal Law also provides for procedures to be followed in criminal prosecutions. since when did gayness become acceptable in nigerian, u better go and find a wife n get married, u shameless fools. since when did gayness become acceptable in nigerian, u better go and find a wife n get married, u shameless fools.

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So please desist from disseminating misinformation! The State would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that intercourse took place.

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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Dating And Meet-up Zone / Nigerian Gays (55786 Views) Gay Guys Needed: This Trend Is For Gays Only / Check Me Out And See How Sweet I Am/for Gays / gays and lesbians only (2) (3) (4) nigerian gay men,introduce yourselves and lets gettogether,i know how it feels for you to be known as gay but we have ways we can do our things,first if you want to get involve in this board,creat another email add and register here then express yourself,we are not outcast,what of prostitutes,what of lesbians,what of nymphos,what of people that make love to animals,they are all human beings,so lets connect and have [email protected] need to yarb us,if you are not among us leave us alone,if you are not with us no need to contribute to this post please,i beg in Jusus name,no be only you sabi Jesus.female gays are welcomed too/lesbians express yourselves I WANT A WEALTHY GAY MAN WITHIN ABUJA NIGERIA. Toplass that Native doctor near ur house stll dey abeg tell am say u get patient for am.first class not a guy but i think we should let them have their own fun. v=piv WJ3FDe6w Sim simma, who got the keys to my Bimmer Who am I?

MOSTLY WHITE MEN BETWEEN THE AGE OF 30 -90 YRS INTESTED PERSON SHUD CONTACT PRINCE OMENYI VIA THIS NO:07027275676 OR 07023269668. its thru wat about the lesbys and those animal f*****kers.there are a lot of things we all do in this our lovely country that is illegal hope u knw so plz just leave them alone That is complete nonsense! The girls dem sugar How can I, make love to a fella? The girls dem luck And I and I will make love to Precious Yu ever buck a gal weh deep like a bucket Draw fi yuh needle and yuh needle can't stitch it Draw fi yuh axe and like a cow yuh all a chop it Draw fi yuh pickaxe and like a rung yuh all a dig it Is like a riverside upon di banking, yuh tek it Is like a bicycle so yuh hold it and dash it Now yuh wash it so yuh crash it she a tell yuh sey yuh crabbit Gal she a beg yuh and a bawl seh fi stop it Bad man plug in and mi love off a electric Is like a basketball she tek time out fi vomit Unuh listen to mi style and unuh listen to mi lyrics A Beenie Man dey yah, mi a drop it (a seh) 106Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

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