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We have worked with matchmaking agency since 2015, I got a lot of offers from matchmakers, but still could not choose "my beloved one". ⠀ Alex (53 years old, New York, USA) and Svetlana (47 years old, New York, USA) Dear Elena and Marina. Thank you again for your advice and recommendation. Man of my dreams proposed to me and we will marry soon!My level of English was not so good, that is why I had a lot of concerns and worries, but Elena and Marina did not allow me to lose heart. Finally, I found a man, with whom I feel absolutely happy! Thank you again for your work, for your coaching, faith in love and admonish people in that!Peter (Denmark, 38 years old) and Elina (Russia, 34 years old) It all started a few years ago after I had visited various dating sites on the internet to find great love.

Happy Life helped me right from the first contact and further with all my questions. Thanks to the agency, it was such a pleasure for me to feel the manly spirit, to walk around charming places, to feel his care, to talk about this and that and imagine he’s my husband :)))) Dear girls! How my life changed dramatically thanks to your sincere support and truly willing to help! I take it back about me knowing for sure how to treat a man and not needing others’ advice. Alexander promised to come to Omsk after holidays, but we aren’t certain about the yet since he didn’t know when he can get free. ))) Oleg is a wonderful person, he gave me 3 beautiful days in such beauty! He is already waiting for me and my daughter on New Year's in St. We have filed already an application for registration of our marriage, there are some formalities left. We have already applied for registration of our marriage, there are only some formalities to fulfill. She is a real Russian princess and I am happy that she will become my wife soon. So, we are in Paris right now and a few hours ago I got the marriage proposal by Mario in the most romantic place – near the Eiffel Tower! You know, I love this city, there is something special in it. He is a real romantic and I saw something like it only in beautiful movies with a happy end. I guess, I still can’t understand that my dream has finally come true and I’ll be a wife soon. Olga and Mario Dario (47 years old, Spain) and Maria (41 years old, Belarus) Dear Elena and Marina, I want to say a big thank to you for your impeccable work! She’s a real Russian princess and I’m very happy that she’ll become my wife soon.Therefore, it can’t be said more clearly - Happy Life knows what they are doing! Thanks for being there, thank you for helping people find each other, thank you for your advice and such a gentle, thoughtful attitude! With Alexey, I understood what true happiness for a woman is! However, today Olga and I had some fantastic news !!!READ original testimonial in Danish Giovani (Italy, 54 years old) and Lana (Omsk-Moscow, 49 years old) I am writing to you from sunny Sicily :)) Giovani and I live in a small town near Syracuse city. Moscow Australian Embassy opened her Bride Visa !!!!!

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