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The only thing that changes are the DJs and the commercials.

Heck, Some if these new "Jack" or "bob" FM stations don't use Dj's.

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If calling is better, can someone tell me which number specifically to call? When Internet streaming was first available in the mid 2000's, streaming was included with a few of the plans. I would like to see a goddam volume button in the app.

I believe they stopped that "per K" when they realized they were giving away a service they could make a buck on. Make improvements and maybe you'll see more subscribed. Even at your highest setting it sounds like 60k canned shit. It's an awesome phone with incredible sound features including 3D.

I am glad they are including it again as part of the "Select" plan. I cannot recommend this app or service in it current state. I don't work customer service so I can't help you with this. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the app works fine all the time. The sound is excellent so I'm not sure what you're talking about. All other streaming apps are much more robust and stable. I logged into my account today to update the payment info and noticed that two (2) of my older subs had their previous streaming usernames displayed.

The audio is substandard as compared to Deezer or You Tube. These were the usernames I used years ago when streaming was included.

I also noticed there was a sub without any username or password.

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