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After you login to your new account, you can then visit your member area to customise your details and settings.Once setup you can then start building your collection by browsing our database, searching for specific titles, or by importing an existing list. 12th August 2012 (Posted by Kazper) I'm almost embarrassed to be posting this after almost 2 years of inactivity but unforunately for anyone who may happen to still be using this site I believe I need to admit that I cannot continue to let it run in its current state.This was explained in-universe as him being rebuilt after fighting a space pirate. In September 2003, a mini series premiered introducing a new, 2D universe.Immortal Grand Prix (IGPX), created by Toonami producers Sean Akins and Jason De Marco, and produced by anime studio Production I.Other Cartoon Network action properties, namely Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, and Justice League, aired on Toonami, but were not exclusive to the block until their final seasons. As part of the anniversary (and to coincide with Cartoon Network's March Movie Madness event), Toonami planned another month of movies: at the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Cartoon Network announced that they had cancelled the Toonami block due to low ratings.On January 27, 2007, a teaser commercial aired during the Xiaolin Showdown marathon on Cartoon Network, featuring closeup shots of larger Clydes (the remote robot explorers that have been a fixture of Toonami since the beginning) and two new robot A. Toonami then aired its final broadcast later that same evening. After Toonami's final episode on TV, Toonami Jetstream's subsequent shut down in 2009 marked the end of this incarnation until the brand's revival in 2012.Toonami was Cartoon Network's primary action-animation block. It initially replaced Power Zone, Cartoon Network's most recent incarnation of the Super Adventures block, which had been a staple on the network since October 1, 1992.Toonami was originally a weekday afternoon cartoon and action block hosted by Space Ghost villain-turned-producer Moltar (voiced by C. Welcome aboard the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution, Cartoon Network's first and only interstellar broadcast and exploration vehicle. From this day forward she is completely responsible for all Toonami transmissions. No big changes now, same show, same attitude; new place to do it, new guy to do it with.

One reason for the move from weekdays to Saturday nights was because some of the shows on the weekday lineup became too violent for a weekday broadcast on the network. was revamped into a shorter robot, who was a commander of a jungle control room and aided by two new robots, Flash (Dave Wittenberg) and D (Tom Kenny).So, for now let me say thanks for the positive support and comments I received over the years and please realise I really did put a LOT of effort into trying to make a go of it but real life simply got in the way. -mee) is a television programming block that primarily consists of Japanese anime and American action animation.He manages to defeat Swayzak before the Absolution hits Earth. During the week of February 24–28, 2003, Cartoon Network aired on Toonami "Giant Robot Week," a five-day special based on mecha series, which were licensed by A. On May 15, 2001, Cartoon Network released Toonami: Deep Space Bass, the official soundtrack album to the TV block.In March 2003, TOM was revamped into a more muscular figure.

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